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Policy and funding

Pediatric palliative care in the Netherlands is known for its high quality. There is a lot of room for innovation and improvement. However, serious bottlenecks have also arisen in the process of change. The differences in the diseases of children in palliative care are large, disorders are often rare, progressive in nature and the course of the disease is often unpredictable. As a result, these children and families do not always fit in with existing policy and national agreements about how care is paid for.

Policy and funding


The development of pediatric palliative care has never attracted so much political and policy interest as during the last government term.

“Amidst all the vicissitudes and criticism in the context of the transition, a lot of innovation and development has also got off the ground, developments that structurally improve the care for the sick child and its parents. Never before in the Netherlands has there been so much attention to the development of pediatric palliative care and the development of (adjustments in) policy to structurally and sustainably guarantee pediatric palliative care."