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Kids Comfort Teams

Children's Comfort Teams (KCT) have been set up within the Academic Children's Hospitals to make a connection between care in the hospital and care at home. A KCT is a multidisciplinary team with medical, nursing, pedagogical, psychosocial and spiritual expertise. These teams support families and, where necessary, organize and coordinate care. The Children's Comfort Teams are there for help with care in the hospital and for the transition from hospital to home.

Kids Comfort Teams


For parents

As a parent, do you want help or guidance from a Children's Comfort Team for your child and your family? Then contact the KCT of the academic children's hospital where your child is being cared for.

For professionals

A Children's Comfort Team not only offers help to families, but also professionals, both inside and outside the hospital. Do you have questions about medical policy or coordination with the hospital? Or do you need advice or specific information about the care process? Please contact one of the KCTs below. If there is no KCT in your region yet, you can contact the EmmaThuis team with questions.

My Kids Comfort Net

Share contact and information safely online: MijnKinderComfortNet

MijnKinderComfortNet is available for the Kinder Comfort Teams. Here you can safely connect online and share information with families and with the professionals involved in the care and support of a seriously ill child.

Read more about this in the pdf.