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Vocational education

Pediatric palliative care is a relatively young 'scientific' development in the Netherlands. The Dutch Centre of Expertise in Children's Palliative Care is committed to making palliative care for children part of education. In the Netherlands, we have five to seven thousand children (and families) who need palliative care. It is important that everyone involved with these children is properly trained.

Vocational education

Guest lectures and tailor-made teaching packages

'How is the care for children with a palliative diagnosis organized?' 'Who can I approach if I have a question about a child's terminal phase?' You will learn this and more during your first introduction to pediatric palliative care. To introduce this to students, the Knowledge Center provides tailor-made teaching packages and (guest) lecturers to teach (future) pediatric nurses and other healthcare professionals in pediatric palliative care. The introductory lesson is part of this package. In this lesson, students receive an introduction to what pediatric palliative care is and the organization of care is discussed in more detail. A guest lecture is always given by an experienced parent who is affiliated with the Knowledge Centre. Are you interested in a guest lecture on pediatric palliative care at your educational institution? Please contact training coordinator Marjolein Koot.

"During the lessons I share my knowledge and experience so that (future) healthcare professionals are well equipped for this important care. After all, all seriously ill children are entitled to the very best care and products." - Marjolein Koot

Teaching modules

To enrich the introductory lesson on pediatric palliative care, a specific teaching module on the psychosocial aspects of pediatric palliative care has been developed. This is an important expansion that has partly arisen from a clear need of students.

"What do you tell a child?"

"How do you approach the conversation about grief and loss?"

"How do you fulfill the wishes of parents and child?"

There is a clear need for knowledge, information and guidance on this. Interested in the psychosocial aspects of pediatric palliative care? Or would you like to discuss what we can do for your study programme? Please contact training coordinator Marjolein Koot.

Project education

It is to complete your graduation thesis at the Knowledge Center for Pediatric Palliative Care. Curious about the possibilities? Please contact

Pediatric Palliative Care Education Hub

Palliative care is still insufficiently addressed in current education. The Optimizing Education Palliative Care (O²PZ) program is changing this, via the eight education hubs. With the aim that every care provider, from nurse to doctor, has the right competences to provide high-quality palliative care.

The Education Hub for Palliative Care for Children has a special position: it is the only Education Hub that operates nationwide, in contrast to the seven other regional Education Hubs. It is affiliated with the Knowledge Center for Pediatric Palliative Care.

For more information, please contact the ambassador of the education hub Mara van Stiphout.

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