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Handbook indication process child care

The inventory and organization of care in their own living environment for children from 0 to 18 years for the Health Insurance Act.

This guide has a simple purpose; achieve greater clarity in the inventory, indication and organization of pediatric nursing care in one's own living environment. Together with the parents, the pediatric nurse maps out what the care questions and needs are and which commitment is required.

Parents know their child like no other. The management of the care process therefore belongs to the child to the parents if they are able to do so. The pediatric nurse will always strive to leave them there as well. Making decisions together is the starting point. With the common goal: organizing the best possible care for child and family.

This guide is a professional standard and tool for and by pediatric nurses. No more and no less. The guide provides insight into the nursing process and aims to clarify frequently used terms when indicating.