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Module Individual Care Plan 2.0 now available in MijnKinderComfortNet

The renewed Individual Care Plan (IZP) is now being tested in practice. On request, this has also been tested since June 20 within the secure...

Since 1 March, the renewed Individual Care Plan (IZP) has been tested in practice. Care professionals soon expressed the wish to also test the updated IZP within the secure environment of MijnKinderComfortNet . Good news: this is possible since June 20th!


New module
The existing IZP module within MijnKinderComfortNet has been adapted to the updated version (IZP 2.0). Healthcare professionals who already work with MijnKinderComfortNet can now easily draw up an IZP within this environment together with all those involved around the family. The IZP can also be exported from the environment as a PDF file.

Would you like to start working with MijnKinderComfortNet as a healthcare professional? Please contact Stephanie Vallianatos or Chantal van der Velden .

About MijnKinderComfortNet
MijnKinderComfortNet is a digital platform for secure online contact and for the safe sharing of information between family and people involved in the care and support of a seriously ill child. Within this personal network, those involved can safely share information with each other in a trusted environment, view agreements and visit child-oriented substantive information and links. The family is in charge of their child's personal network and determines which persons involved are added to it.

More information about the Individual Care Plan
You can find more information about the Individual Care Plan on the project page . Do you have any questions about the national research project?   about the redevelopment of the Individual Care Plan, the IZP Project?   Please contact PhD candidate Chantal Joren or view the IZP-Project website . Do you have questions about the implementation of the Individual Care Plan? Then please contact Chantal van der Velden .

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