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Dirk-Jan Patijn

Chief Financial OfficerPCI

"When my two sons were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) ten years ago at a very young age, our perspective for the future changed completely. As a family, we prepared ourselves for a long battle. But, certainly not alone. many healthcare professionals are involved in the treatment of CF: specialist CF doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, nurses, bacteriologists, pharmacists, radiologists and many more In this multidisciplinary approach it is very important that collaboration is easy, that knowledge and experience are easily shared within the team of healthcare professionals can be shared, including the psychosocial, developmental and spiritual aspects of being ill, because in children with a life-threatening illness these components are strongly connected.

At the same time, we have personally experienced that the illness of our children has also had a major impact on our loved ones, family and friends. The good news is that life expectancy has increased in recent years and that medicines have now been found for some groups of CF patients.

Nevertheless, as experienced parents, my wife and I have come to have a tremendous admiration for all healthcare professionals and especially those involved in pediatric palliative care. And, we are both more driven than ever to contribute to the continuous improvement of care, for all children with a life-threatening condition, parent(s) and relatives, but certainly also for the healthcare professionals involved themselves. Because they can be of an incredibly great significance!

The existence of the Knowledge Center is therefore of great importance and that is why I am happy to use both my personal experience and my professional experience and knowledge from the business and financial sector to make a positive contribution to the development of the Knowledge Centre.”