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Many children with a brain tumor develop problems with pace, attention and memory. We call this Acquired Brain Injury (NAH). They may also have physical consequences of the disease and/or treatment. That is why they often need extra support and guidance. However, many parents get stuck in a forest of help during, and especially after treatment. To give you some direction, we have developed this referral guide together with parents, care providers, SKION and Vilans.

How does the guide work?

The referral guide has two tabs: one for the period 'during treatment' and one for 'after treatment'. Both tabs have the following topics: medical & rehabilitation, education & learning, emotions & behavior, family - parents and family - siblings. The 'during treatment' tab has 'palliative care' as an additional subject. In the left column you will find where you can go and in the right column you will find information that you can consult.

View the referral guide here .