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IMPACT and training

Advance Care Planning requires specific communication skills from the caregiver. Training helps professionals to acquire these skills and to use IMPACT adequately in their practice.


IMPACT and training

Advance Care Planning

Communication with children and parents takes a central position in Advance Care Planning. Communication about preferences and goals of care in the context of serious illness requires specific communication approaches and skills.


Do you want to learn how to start a conversation with parents in which you explore together what the preferences and goals are for the future care of their child? During the 2-day ACP training it becomes clear what advance care planning is and you learn communication skills that are helpful in ACP conversations. After all, how do you invite families for such a conversation? How do you explore how child and family look to the future? And how do you deal with the emotions that can play?

Follow-up research started in 2023: Co-IMPACT

In order to make the IMPACT toolkit more widely available in pediatrics and to be further developed immediately, the four-year follow-up study Co-IMPACT started in September 2023. Co-IMPACT must ensure that advance care planning can be used in practice for every child, regardless of his or her diagnosis, stage of illness or socio-cultural background.

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The training currently consists of two days.

The training is provided by the Dutch Centre of Expertise in Children's Palliative Care.