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The development of IMPACT

IMPACT was created through a collaboration between UMC Utrecht and Erasmus MC with the cooperation of Dutch Centre of Expertise for Children's Palliative Care, children, parents and professionals working in child care and children's hospitals.


The development of IMPACT

Towards Advance Care Planning in Pediatrics

IMPACT is the result of a research project by the Julius Center, UMC Utrecht and the Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC in collaboration with the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Children's Palliative Care. ZonMW financed the project.


The project started in 2016. IMPACT was compiled on the basis of literature research, interview studies with children and parents and a questionnaire survey among paediatricians. IMPACT consists of 1) information material for young people, parents and professionals, 2) interview manuals for professionals and 3) forms for making a report of an Advance Care Planning interview.


The two-day training to optimally use IMPACT in practice was given for the first time in 2019. Experiences with IMPACT were evaluated through a qualitative interview study in 2019. This study showed that IMPACT is experienced as appropriate and valuable by children, parents and caregivers in the field of pediatric palliative care. At the same time, broad use of IMPACT and further implementation require attention. Four follow-up projects will start in 2023. These projects are funded by ZonMW and focus on further development and implementation of IMPACT in practice


IMPACT is currently being evaluated in a scientific study. Experiences of children, parents and professionals are collected and analyzed in a qualitative study. Where necessary, IMPACT will be adjusted based on the results.


Publications about the background, development and evaluation of IMPACT can be found below.

Animation Advance Care Planning

Animation Advance Care Planning